Throughout his career Mr Simpson has always been involved in research and has written articles covering many aspects of general surgery. Selected articles are listed below.


Temporal assessment of pancreatic blood flow and perfusion following secretin stimulation using noninvasive MRI.

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The cost-effectiveness of wound-edge protection devices compared to standard care in reducing surgical site infection after laparotomy: an economic evaluation alongside the ROSSINI trial.

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Novel use of a single port laparoscopic surgery device for minimally invasive pancreatic necrosectomy.

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Perception and the origin of symptoms in diverticular disease.

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Visceral hypersensitivity in symptomatic diverticular disease and the role of neuropeptides and low grade inflammation.

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A population-based study of perforated diverticular disease incidence and associated mortality.

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Swallowed dental bridge causing ileal perforation: a case report.

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Acute appendicitis–a benign disease?

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Rigler on the roof. Rigler’s sign.

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Psychological and colonic factors in painful diverticulosis.

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Colonic diverticular disease.

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Recent advances in diverticular disease.

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The use of glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) in the treatment of chronic anal fissure in children.

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Colonic diverticular disease.

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PMID: 12794587


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Problems with solutions: drowning in the brine of an inadequate knowledge base.

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Spinal epidural abscess: adding insult to injury?

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Injury. 1999 Sep;30(7):504-8.

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